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NAMCI (North Alabama Managed Care, Inc.) was founded in 1991 with the insight of local hospitals and physicians. NAMCI is a preferred provider organization that strives to form a partnership with its Participating Providers by negotiating contracts with payors that are responsive to the needs of the medical community.

NAMCI’s Network of Health Care Providers includes Primary Care Physicians, Specialty Physicians and Hospitals as well as a wide range of Ancillary Providers. Credentialing, based on NCQA Guidelines, is required for each provider and takes approximately 60 days to process.

New Providers

New Providers, to include those joining a practice of existing NAMCI Preferred Providers, must complete a Provider Application. Please note that when new Providers join a practice they do not automatically become a NAMCI provider even though they share the same office location and tax identification number. All Providers must meet the NAMCI credentialing criteria on an individual basis.


Preferred Providers are subject to the NAMCI re-credentialing process every three (3) years.

Changes in Status

Preferred Providers should notify our Provider Relations Department at (800) 636-2624 in advance of changes in status. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Office relocation
  • Opening of a branch office
  • Change in tax identification number
  • Change in hospital admitting privileges

Other Services

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